Permanent Hair Reduction

Luminis Laser – Available @ Body Therapy Centurion

The flexibility of this system guarantees clients will be treated with the optimum individual settings for their skin and hair type.

Luminis treatments are not invasive, and the unique laser have been clinically proven to achieve fantastic results on hair removal and successfully treat a wide a variety of skin imperfections.

Body Treatments

Body Mappings provides a logical approach to analyze your body concerns. We offer unique body treatments that range from massages, body wraps, hand and foot

treatments to full body exfoliations. Our body treatments include dry body brushing, observation of posture, movement and life style consultation where our clients receive the most accurate home care advice. Our treatments are customized to meet your individual needs.

Prescriptive Face Treatments

We’ll design a Customised Skin Care Treatment based on an in-depth Face Mappingsm Consultation, a Dermalogica exclusive, to target your needs.

Touch Therapy

We know your skin, but only you know your mood. That is why you select your Touch Therapies. Add as many as you want, choose from Deep Tissue, Stress Relief, Aroma, Reflex and Nap Time

Colour Pods

Visit us for a no-obligation complimentary consultation to discuss your requirements and the cost of recommended treatments

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