Bio-Therapeutics’ cutting edge, hand held tools, enhances the results of a traditional skin treatment, by incorporating micro current and ultrasound technology.


Hydration check!

Using bio impedance technology and a new patented sophisticated skin membrane sensor, the bt-analyze uses advance technology to calculate the moisture content levels of the skin. This device is used in multiple zones of the face to clearly define the needs of each area. The bt-analyze should be used before each treatment aswell as after each treatment to capture improvements made and also to note modifications needed.


Power service

The bt-micro combines ultrasonic peeling with patented microcurrent capabilities. The results of the peeling mode leaves the skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for product penetration. After correct product application, the results are plumper and firmer skin.


Uplifted feeling

The bt-nano system is the ultimate utilising the exclusive Suzuki Sequencing which lifts, firms and tones the skin. Best results are obtained by doing a course of nano treatments. Nano hand and eye treatment are also available

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